1.             Who is the developer of the CVIR Education review materials?

These review materials were created by a team that includes experienced IR techs, educators, and website experts.  Our goal is to prepare you for the VI Registry so that you pass the first time.

2.             What is included with the purchase of CVIR Education Review Materials?

A Materials Review purchase includes a number of tests divided by sections, plus 4 practice tests.  There are over 800 questions.  Correct answers are given immediately, whether you answered correctly or not.  The tests are designed to teach instead of evaluating your knowledge.

3.             Are there actual questions from the exam on this review?

No, there are no actual questions from the exam.  Sharing questions from the exam lowers the integrity of the exam and decreases the value of the credential.  We have done our best, however, to completely cover all aspects of Interventional Radiology and Cardiology.

4.             How do I access the material?  Is it a download?

The materials review is completely online; there are no downloads.  Once you have completed your registration and purchase, you may access the material from any internet connection.

5.             Can I access the tests more than once?

Purchasing the review material provides 6 months of unlimited access to the tests. You may take the tests as many times as you want during that time.  If you need longer access, please call to have your time extended for an additional 3 months at no charge.  There will be a charge for longer extensions.

6.             Are there discounts available?

There is a standing discount for AVIR members that may be found on the AVIR website.  Other discounts are available; please email to info@cvireducation.com to acquire a discount code.

There are also discounts for groups of 3 or more from the same facility. Please email to info@cvireducation.com to acquire those codes.  If your hospital is planning to purchase the review for you, please have the purchasing agent contact us at 216-543-2614 or info@cvireducation.com to make those arrangements.

7.             How do I pay, and is the website secure?

Payment is through Paypal, a secure payment vendor.  No credit card information is sent to CVIR Education.  We are not set up to accept payments any other way, both for your security and for ours.

8.             Will the CVIR Education review materials site work on my iPad or Android tablet?

YES!  You must register for the review and set up your account on a desktop or laptop.  When you have registered, the review itself will work on any PC, Mac, iPad, Android or other tablet.