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CVIR EDUCATION is designed for educating all medical professionals in the Cardiac Catheterization, Interventional Radiology, and Electrophysiology labs.  We began with the review maaterial for Cardiac Interventional and Vascular Interventional exams for Radiologic Technologists.  We continue with basic education courses for the Cardiac Cath, IR, and EP labs. 


This is a practical guide to the Cardiac Cath Lab for RN and RT who are new to the lab as well as a reference for new RCIS graduates.  While this is online training, your lab may want a hard copy.  That can be arranged by emailing us at Jane@cvir-ed.com.CATH LAB 101 IS HERE! 


Our VI And CI Review material is continuing to aid techs in passing the Registries.  We believe that this advanced credential will solidify us as professionals in the Cath and IR labs.  To that end, we are working to create new products that will aid in the transition from main Radiology to the specialized world of the invasive labs.

All online courses are quiz-based, with an explanation of each answer, to provide you with a true educational experience rather than simply test practice.  For a description, click on the "COURSES" link at the top of the page, and then "View Details" beside each course.  The Sample Quiz is available for you for free, to discover if this study guide will work for you.  When you purchase an online review, you are purchasing 6 months, to begin with.  Complimentary extensions are available.  


For new members of the Cardiac Cath Lab Team, we have added a Pocket Reference book.  This book contains information necessary for the nonitor position, and will aid anyone who wants to be a part of the Cath Lab.  It includes:

  • Cardiac and Coronary artery anatomy
  • Right heart pressures and saturations
  • Images and diagrams of Coronary Arteries
  • Commonly used diagnostic and guide catheters
  • A list of commonly used wires
  • Peripheral anatomy and workflow

To order, hover over "COURSES" at the top of the page.  The link to the Cardiac Cath Pocket Reference order page will appear!

This reference has been tested with both RNs and techs, and found to be extremely useful by both new members and seasoned cath lab staff.  They are shipped USPS with delivery 7 - 10 working days for delivery.  Please contact us at cvireducation@hotmail.com with any questions.

CVIR Education began as a result of speaking to many techs wanting to take the VI or CI Registry and searching for a study guide. 

Using the outline found on the ARRT® website, we have written a comprehensive review covering everything mentioned in the outline. We offer:

  • The most comprehensive review of Cardiac and Vascular information available.  
  • Covers all information listed on the ARRT(R) website
  • Over 800 questions with answers and explanations for Vascular
  • Over 500 questions with answers and explanations for Cardiac
  • Created by a team with experience in IR, Cardiac Cath and EP
  • 85% passing rate on the exam; highest of any review course available
  • Discounts available for AVIR members or (lower discounts) on request
  • Includes information on:
    •    Radiographic anatomy
    •    Radiation Safety
    •    Vascular Anatomy
    •    Neuroradiography
    •    Patient Care and Communication
    •    Imaging and Physics
    •    Peripheral Vascular
    •    EKG and Hemodynamics
    •    Cardiac Calculations (Cath Math)
    •    Cardiac Anatomy and Procedures
    •    Cardiac Conduction Studies

There really is no other resource out there to help prepare for this difficult board exam.


It is our hope here at CVIR Education that everyone who uses our Registry Review can echo the above statements. 

We also have a blog, found at www.cvir-ed.com.  This blog will be written primarily by our traveler, and focus on issues in the hospitals and labs around the country.  We hope it will be a resource for you!

Let us hear your story! 

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